Private Day-trips by Chartered Taxi (インバウンド向け貸切りハイヤーで巡る日帰りプライベート旅)

Private Day-trips by Chartered Taxi

A sightseeing plan for foreign tourists brought to you by MK Taxi. This plan allows you to explore Kyoto in a chartered taxi, and offers a wide selection of 7 different hands-on experiences in the Yamashiro region (a famous tea-growing area in Kyoto), as well as 12 different tour routes.

開催日 From June 10 2019
場所 Yamashiro region (Kyoto)
アクセス -
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Tel: 075-757- 6212 (8:30 - 18:00) [MK Company Limited]
Mail: [Ocha no Kyoto DMO]
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